A Macro Testing Tip

Maybe this is obvious to some pros!

If you make a macro and you want to run it, you need to exit and go to Edit > Macros, then find the Macro.

This is useful particularly if you want to write a complex macro and test it, modify and test it over and over by trial and error.

  1. Start by an initial macro, let’s call it myMacro.
  2. create a Project Logic Editor present ( with init), then with nothing in the filter and the target sections, and then set the macro to “myMacro”

Now you can have both PLE and KC windows open and modify your Macro and apply in PLE to see if it works. If not, keep changing macro and reapply.

It seems this only works on Cubase 10.5

great idea, thanks

Is this within 10.5 this work with the new KC window?

in 10 with old window KC window being open prevents me from hitting PLEs Apply

I guess you are right. I tried on C10 with Mac, having KC open, you cannot apply PLE presets. At least you can assign a KC to KC command and edit your macro and apply it with PLE. I guess they have fixed this in C10.5

Cool good to know, this will be nice in 10.5 when I upgrade…however… they still need to fix this believe… My macros no longer fit on screen in the PLE macro menu