A macro to set all tracks to a fix vertical zoom value?

Hello, is there a way to create a macro that set all tracks (including folder tracks) to the same vertical zoom value that we can define ?

Or better yet, how can the zoom affect folders inside a track too (before unfolding them)


Create a macro with any of the Zoom Tracks xx Rows
Create the below preset in the PLE with the macro attached (see bottom right of PLE ‘Macro’ tab)
Assign a KC to the PLE preset in Key Commands and that will do it.


Hello, thanks you. 1 or 2 rows seems to be close to what I want

But … it doesn’t affect tracks that are not unfolded. So each time I unfold a folder, track are set to the minimal zoom


If you command click adjust the height of one track, all visible tracks become the same.

You could try toggling the folders so that you can catch all.
Something like this:

You’d need to make another PLE preset to toggle the folders once more (back to the original state). Then combine these two PLEs in a single macro.

using PLE could be an idea
But this specific PLE toggle all the folder on my template, disrupting my current navigation (I have 1500 tracks on my template so unfolding/folding all doesn’t happen instantly).

Isn’t there another way to make folded tracks follow the vertical zoom before them being unfolded ?
Maybe I should create a macro that goes : 1) Toggle Fold 2) Zoom 2 rows so the zoom re apply everytime I open or close a folder

Create the macro
Project - Folding: unfold tracks
Edit - Select all
Zoom Show all tracks

Example in French but you have
the translation


Then I combine this macro
with my visibility PLUs
but this is only valid from Cubase 12

thanks to this as soon as I open certain folders or select certain tracks everything is at the same height and takes up the entire screen

This is not a problem
With over 4000 tracks
everything is accessible almost instantly
but it takes time to set up PLEs and Macros