A memory leak exists in Cubase 6.5

A memory leak exists in Cubase6.5.
It is reproducible, if Cubase is started and waits for several hours.
(It is not necessary to open a project)

I think that buffer size of ASIO has influenced.

If you say it’s reproduceable, you need to be more specific: When does this occur? How and where do you measure? On what OS? 32 or 64 bit Cubase? 6.5 or also 6.51? How does buffer size influence it? Why and how is this a problem?

Sorry, my explanation was insufficient.

Reproduced environment :
OS : Windows 7 64bit
Cubase version: 6.5.0 Build 102(32bit)

The private working set value of the windows task manager was seen for measurement.
This value is increasing about 100 MB per 1 hour.
When the buffer size of ASIO is not 2^n, it happens.

After that, I changed buffer size and investigated the amount of leaks.
The memory was leaked also when buffer size was 2^n.
When buffer size made it small, the amount of leaks increased.

I am running same Cubase Version 6.5 - but 64bit version - on Widnows 7 64 bit and here there is no memory leak whatsever.

Does the “memory leak” actually interfere with what you are working on?
ie: What were the symptoms that led you to seek out a “memory leak”?
And why wait 5 hours with no Project loaded?

Could the memory leak in your case be somehow related to the “backup Projects” settings in Cubase?
On a very long shot I can see a possibility that if your hard drive is full or faulty then Cubase may temporarily back up to the ram.
If you have recently installed C6.5 then you will need to defrag, as you should after any major program installation, or check for bad sectors if you have defragged already.

Thank you for the information.
This is quite useful and I will test in due course.

When I installed Cubase in another machine, the memory leak did not occur.
Maybe this problem was not caused by Cubase itself.

I am sorry for confusing you.And please excuse my limited English skills.
I will investigate later what the cause of this problem.

Could be drivers or potentially a loaded VST.

I’m sure you’ve already considered the VST possibility and eliminated that, but maybe try switching audio drivers to generic and let it sit for awhile.

Hi fizbin,

Did you discover the cause of your ‘memory leak’?

I have a similar issue on a set-up similar to yours which has only occurred since installing Cubase 6.5.

I am running 6.5.1 on Windows 7 and use VE Pro to host samples. As an example, I’ve just finished a project where I had about 6 GB of samples loaded in VE Pro, none in Cubase, and the memory being used by Cubase was 11.5 GB.

It does seem that whatever plug-ins I use, the memory usage by Cubase continually climbs - and I would probably agree with the rate of 100 MB per hour. The obvious workflow issue is that if I’m using a large template I have to shut-down and restart Cubase every day in order to ensure there’s enough RAM left for my samples.

Do any of the Steinberg folks viewing here know of something Cubase might be storing up in RAM which could account for this phenomenon - so I have a place to start to track the issue down? (I have way to many plug-ins to want to start unloading each in turn and waiting for an hour to see what happens).

I have been getting the ‘Mediabay has a gazzillion items to add to the database’ message when I shut down (which I never had in previous versions) - could it be related to that in some way?

Any pointers would be appreciated (and you can assume already that I know there are others who don’t have this problem).



Just as an update - I still have the same issue on the latest version of Cubase 7. Anyone have any ideas why Cubase would have this continuing increase in RAM usage - which seems to increase every time autosave runs.

I have the same issue exactly. 100 mb per hour approx, Cubase 6.5 and 7 32 or 64 bit. Asio hardware drivers only. (RME HDSP or MOTU Firewire).
Any input appreciated.