A midi track Matrix


Would it be possible to have a “midi track matrix” , looking like in Halion. In a glance I could see and edit : note filter / velocity filter, chord track voicing/chord pad player (see also below), midi transpose and velocity modifier.

Those parameters are quite cumbersome to edit in the inspector (eg. try to change the note filter beginning with the lower limit, funny isn’t it ?), and they should have an ON/OFF switch.
The application I see is for orchestral music composer : you often need to play multiple instruments at once to get an idea of what you are doing, but having all the record or monitor buttons turned on is not always satisfying because it creates unwanted overlaps (?).

The velocity filter gives you the opportunity to add marcato on accentuation only (or “hits” just like in the Iconica demo).

The opportunity to play the chord pads AND the melody might be the decisive feature of Cubase for composer. In the present state, you have to use the input transformer to have the “harmonic” tracks playing along with the “melodic” track, for which you have to turn on the “no player” status in the inspector. It should be easier, and controllable from the “midi matrix”.
The chord pad is an incredibly creative tool when combined with a lead track. It deserve better.

Looking forward for Cubase 10 !