A milestone for me. have to share it

ok . this belongs to the ‘good for you’ (eyes rolling) department ……
but i have to share it with someone.
i have been composing since 1981… it started with ‘Orchestra 80’ software. and my Radio Shack Model 1 computer. soon after , i bought a ‘real’ computer and a Radio Shack Mini Moog Synth. then came DAWs and synths (Ensoniq …etc)…
most songs were quite homogeneous… no choruses …… just bang out a melody and add instrumental backup stuff……( on soundcloud)
I have just about finished a song (which maybe i can put it up on Soundcloud after i mix it a little more )…
so today i played it for my daughter … and she almost fell out of the chair. she looks at me with wide eyes and says (at the appropriate time in the song)
“You Have a BRIDGE !!! I’m impressed !”

yup…. after more than 30 years …… my song has a bridge ! and she didn’t say “really nice daddy-music “ she thought it’s wonderful ( family members don’t care about competing frequencies and dynamics , or if your bridge is in the wrong place lol)
so it’s a good day for me. now i have a higher bar to keep up with.
many thanks to all of those here who gave me pointers along the way to help me use Cubase to keep me off the streets and fulfill my passion in music


I think that’s pretty cool

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Congratulations on crossing that …


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Crunge-worthy! (where’s that confounded bridge?) :slight_smile:

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70’s music had no rules. instead of bridges. you would have a totally different song with different keys and melodies imbedded somewhere inside of the never-ending song.
lol. great response.

… and time signatures, moods and emotions, and expression.

… and I’ve gotten to the stage that I refer to it as de-composing :scream:
What we wouldn’t have given to have something like Cubase back then.
The fact is, we couldn’t have even imagined it.

Well done, and looking forward to hearing your magnum opus soon! :clap:

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bridge ? chorus ??? who cares we were all stoned when we listened to it

I was just talking about this issue with a fellow writer. We thought it was a bit much for 5 yrs to get that bridge. You sir have won the contest by a long shot


watch for my name in their next book

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What exactly is a bridge?

Its possible that the word ‘bridge’ may be a bit different depending upon the country. I have looked at videos which explain song composition, and i see a few differences. Maybe some related to the country of origin.
This video includes the description of a bridge… Even if you know all the parts of a song, the lady in this video is very entertaining… https://youtu.be/hE_qOY5GkH0

“… would you like to buy one?” (asking for a friend)

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hahaha. good one.

did you watch the video i linked in ?

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yes :slight_smile:

Loved the bridge video! I pretty much already knew what a bridge was, but there’s a wide variety. I also got the clue for ARENDELLE recently in a NY Times crossword puzzle!

it may even be called a ‘pre-chorus’ … not sure.

There used to be a thing called “song structure”, back in the day.
[intro]-[verse]-[bridge]-[chorus]-(repeat)-[middle 8]-[bridge]-[chorus]-[outro] or something like that.
That was before things degenerated into a 4/4 bass drum at 120bpm for 3 minutes with someone shouting over it.

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don’t get me started on a lot of popular music today. i grew up in the 70’s. do we hear HARMONIES in D&B ?
(not if we are dancing lol)
this came to mind right now after i saw an Eagles Concert video last night.
every decade has its hits and misses… the 60’s had verses and choruses but everyone used the same chord progressions;)