A minor bug related to GUI coloring

Hi team,

since I understood the possibility of “labeling” a midi/audio connection with a color, I noticed a minor bug that affects VL and which I now decide to submit to you.

Let’s first assume that we set the midi connections using colors:

So the colors for the audio connections:

If we assume that we set two Layers, only one of which is global, we obtain the colors correctly in the GUI:

And similarly we obtain for two Stacks of which only one is global:

For both Song 1 and Song 2, in the Mixer we obtain the channels correctly represented with the colors:

Unfortunately, after saving the project, closing/reopening VL and reopening the project, the above can no longer be found, since for Song 1 we obtain:

I would like to point out that this loss of channel coloration, as far as I have been able to notice, always and only occurs for the Song that is currently selected when saving the project and which is displayed first when opening the project.

For Song 2 (but also for all songs other than the one currently proposed when opening the project) you instead obtain:

In practice, only the colors for the channels relating to the connections that have been used in the global Layers and Stacks are lost.

Finally, a consideration which is perhaps due to my understanding: how the colors associated with the output connections, both midi and audio, can be used (apparently it seems that these colors do not act on any element of the GUI).

Hi @Giuseppe_Loffredo,

Thank you for your detailed description. But Im having trouble reproducing the problem. Could you please export your project (Menu / File / Save Archive…), zip the archive and drop it here?

… yes, at the moment they are not used.


Hi @Spork,

this morning I was about to send you the little project that I used to reproduce the issue on the Mixer channel colors that I systematically find in my main projects used with bands.

The small test project is this:

ChannelColoringTest.vlprj (15.9 KB)

It’s really strange, but by chance I started opening the project with the Generic Low Latency ASIO Driver selected and… the issue disappeared! :astonished:

At this point I correctly set the audio driver selection on Yamaha Steinberg USB ASIO, reopen the test project and… the issue is back! :thinking:

I would also add that, in the case of opening with correct coloring of the Mixer channels, it is sufficient to add an OUT or GROUP channel to obtain the total loss of the colors associated with the channels represented in the Mixer for the currently selected Song.

I remain available for any requests you may have for information on what I have found.

As always, thanks for the support! :blush:

Hi @Spork,

have you had the opportunity to read my last post and try to reproduce the bug using my little project that I uploaded? :blush:

… thank you for the reminder!

… fixed. Next update.

We also fixed a problem that colors are lost after loading a new project.

Have a nice day,

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Hi @Spork,

channel coloring in the Mixer view now appears to work perfectly. :slight_smile:

It wouldn’t be bad to complete the work by using the same coloring logic (or something similar) also for GUI objects that use output connections.

Thanks for the great work! :blush:

… yes, good one. We’ll work something out,

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