A minor wish for some future update regarding glissando notation

I don’t think this has been mentioned yet (if it has, sorry!).

It would be nice to have glissandi in a condensed staff show two types of glissando.

This is more logical than it at first sounds:

Let’s say two trombones are both glissing, they share one staff.

If I want the text “gliss” to appear ONLY on the upper of the two trombones (with the lower having only the line), then they cannot share stems.

To get one with the text, and the other without the text, I have to make them condensed with separate stems.

It would be nice to have them sharing stems, and Dorico automatically knowing that in the full score, condensed, it should only show the upper text.
And that the individual parts each get their text indication, as is normal.

Right now, the only way to get one gliss without text gives the result shown in this image.
But it would be nice to have the option for the condensed part to show shared stems.
trombone gliss

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Hi @Michel_Edward

I’ve tried to reproduce your example in a new project and i got exactly what you want. So you may want to share a project that shows the problem.

Captura de pantalla 2024-01-28 222045
Captura de pantalla 2024-01-28 222117


Ok, there must be some setting I’m getting wrong here.

Did you just do it “default” and it came out right? Or did you have to make any changes to Dorico’s default settings for condensing?

To be sure i just used the library manager and put everything to factory settings. The only difference resulted in a stem direction.

ok, I just made a fresh document, with only two trombones, applied the glissando ornaments (shift+O, gliss), but then had to go into the bottom panel to get the “gliss” text to appear.

when I condensed the two parts, it came out with the word “gliss.” on each line, as in the images below.

If I try to hide the text from the lower glissando, by going into Engrave mode and the bottom panel, local properties, it then places the two trombone parts on the same staff, but in different voices (ie: trmb 1 stems up, trmb 2 stems down.)

I’m guessing your settings here are “no text”

I just tried using that setting and i also see the behaviour you described. I do not know if that is expected.
You may want to try whit the “gliss” text in the engaving options if that does not bring other problems to you.

I tried using the “with text” option, and nothing changed.

Does Dorico “remember” when you insert an element? As might the settings for those glissandi be “locked” from the first time I input them?

I’ll try deleting them and re-inputting them to see if it makes a difference.


Dorico DOES seem to “remember” that the gliss was originally inserted with the no text option. So when I added the gliss text it applied it to both lines.

I tried deleting the glisses and reapplying them, and it worked like a charm.


So this might be a minor “glitch” in Dorico’s background functionning?

It treats the gliss text differently if it’s in the engraving options and if it’s applied via the bottom panel. It’s as if it hard-wires the text if you use the bottom panel.

Yes, that’s exactly correct. If you override something using the Properties panel, Dorico does indeed treat that differently than if something is using the default appearance defined in options.

hmmm, then my request remains…

it would be nice IF:

when two instruments have a glissando, and where you do not want the gliss text to appear at absolutely every occurrence of a glissando (for example, a passage where there are multiple glissandi one after another where you might not want the text to repeat every single time because it causes clutter in the score),
it would be nice if Dorico showed, in the condensed score, ONLY the upper of the two texts, without splitting the beams into different voices.

This is where the “no text” option in engraving options is useful.

How about an engraving option that has Dorico NOT display text on consecutive glissandi? (for example “repeat gliss text if greater than X number of beats”, and “do not repeat gliss text if within X number of beats”)

(this would also be a very useful toggle for “unis.” text, where you might get single notes here and there in a passage that are glissando, and Dorico keeps repeating the “unis.” text and forcing you to go in and manually hide them all)

Provided you don’t have the properties overridden, that is exactly what you should see: Dorico will show the gliss. text only on the upper glissando.

yes, I got that now… but it would be nice to be able to have that result (shared stems, gliss text on upper gliss only) with the “no text” option, so that the 12 subsequent glissandi in the next 5 measures only have the lines, no text.

The problem here is that one might want the glissando text ONLY on the very first iteration of a glissando-heavy passage.
The options right now are “text always” or “no text”. Both of which have to be overridden to get the correct notation. (which causes the split stems issue)

As I said, it would be nice to be able to set a default that the 1st glissando in a passage gets the text, and the following glissando within a certain distance do not get the text. Again, without splitting stems/creating separate voices.

OT. I think gliss text is always redundant. What else would the line imply?.

Could be regarded as a mistake, or a portamento, depending how it’s done.