A more complete list of Popover entries

Is there a list of every possible popover entry? There are some that aren’t listed anywhere I can find like “cut” for cut time, or “fer” for fermata. I’m often wondering what other short forms there are that I’m not using.


I don’t think there’s a list that’s more complete than the one that Dan’s just posted (which is probably the one you’ve already seen).

Oh, I just looked at the popover, and indeed “fer” isn’t listed! Huh. I’ve used that for as long as I can remember!

Yeah this is the one I’ve seen, which doesn’t include the examples I listed.

So…obviously there are more entries than are on that list. How did anyone find out that you can get a fermata by typing “fer”? Lucky guess? :smiley:

and indeed “fer” isn’t listed!

Neither is “cut”.

I believe some of the popovers look for a string that’s just long enough to determine that you couldn’t possibly mean anything of the other options, and then ignore anything else that you happen to type. That makes things like this possible, but obviously nobody would bother to type this to achieve a short pause:

The Holds section could use some love: There’s no reason why fermata couldn’t just be f.

breathmarktick could use a short form, too.

Other forms not in the PDF (introduced in the 3.1.10 update) include c1, c2, c3, c4, c5 for C clefs. G2 and f4 also work, but other numbers not so much.

Hmmm you’d think that “fe” or even “f” would also work for fermata because there are no other holds/pauses start with those letters. And “tick” doesn’t yield anything, even though it could only mean ticked breathmark. However, “curl” does yield a curlew (also not on the list).

Now that I’m messing around, take caesuras. These work: caesura, //, cae, caes, caehjsdkfhks, hjskdfcae, asdhjk123123hjfskdhkcae123762834hsjdhfjk etc. So does ///, //////// etc. “sdhfjksd//” works too, but “//hjksdh” and “aasd//aasdas” do not.

I’m not whining! I’m just curious if this behaviour is explained anywhere.

This is also why I’d love to be a bug tester.

Lillie has acknowledged that the latest popovers are not all on a list, but her team is working on a lot of areas (including non-English manual updates) and is working to catch up in some areas.

Well, I remember when I found the “fer” thing… I think I wrote a thread about it, and we found many more shortcuts like that. A happy moment :blush: