A Murder of Crows(Demo)

Here’s something that will be on my next album and I thought I would share it here. Recording is done, I’ll mix when I have all the material ready so this is a quick and dirty mix-
A Murder of Crows


Hi Bill, I like the sounds so far. Seems there is more to come? It builds up and then fades out.

Actually I’m gonna leave it as is and add a different second part as a fade in :slight_smile:)


This did have a “cinematic” quality to it. By that, I mean I could hear this as some sort of soundtrack to visuals. With that said, each change or additional voice that came in added in a significant way. My suggestion might be to bring those episodes in after less of a build-up. Rather than waiting through 30-40 seconds of build-up in this short composition, how about reducing that wait time and incorporating the new elements a bit sooner? Possibly keeping the ones that are there where they are, but adding in a few more along the way?
Just suggestions. As the creator, if you’re happy where it is, that’s fine. I’m curious to hear where you’ll take it in your 2nd part.

When it’s time to mix that beginning will come in differently…the strummed electrics first, then the acoustics, then the stroh violin, mandolin, banjo, and cimbalom…the pad and mellotron will come in a little after the strummed electrics :slight_smile:)

So far I have two finished(not mixed but recorded) pieces for the next album…this one and Halfway There that I posted here also. I have some more irons in the fire, just a matter of finishing up open projects!