A New Age piece

A piece inspired by the sounds of the 1980s. I decided to use PPG2.V for all the synths except the bass synth. I originally recorded this last year, but last weekend I redid the fretless bass and lead guitar. The bass was tracked this time through the Tech 21 Steve Harris signature Sansamp. One of my first opportunities to put that piece of gear to use, and I’m very please with the tone I got.
I’ve also been trying to capture this guitar tone I got for decades and am now finally getting the tone I was after.

Really liked the fretless bass sound. A lot of my stuff is recorded with a fretless, so I do appreciate hearing that. I played with a guitarist who loved his sansamp, but I never thought of it for bass. Wasn’t Steve Harris a Metal guy? Surprised something to his specs sounded so subtle. Nice intonation on the fretless, by the way. Guitar playing was nice too. Sounded more to me like a “mellow” track on something from Satriani or Vai, rather than New Age. To me, that’s the Windham Hill acoustic type of thing.Nice work, though.

Glad you liked it.
The Tech 21 SH1 Steve Harris Sansamp is a great all around bass preamp and direct box.
It does tend to bring out frequencies that complement a P bass, but the EQ is flexible. I think it did a great job on my Ibanez fretless bass, and those bass tones with that ringy high end for funk can be dialed in too.

I like the acoustic new age, but I enjoy the electronic stuff by artists like Patrick O’Hearn, Jon Jenkins, Jon Serrie and others too.

Nice to hear you’re playing music with a fretless bass too.

I liked the fretless bass sound as well.
And the signature sansamp accentuated the music very well.
Keep it up.