A new menu pops up after recording

Never saw this before.

A new menu pops up after recording. It is called Create from Template (audio montage).
A) What is it? and

B) How do I turn it off?

When I am doing voice over work or restoration work the last thing I need is another menu to close down.

Thanks in advance.

This must happen because you have selected this, and there is no opened montage:

If this is what you want, then you need to define a default template. Go to the template page, and right-click on the desired template. When there is a default template, the dialog you mention, should not appear, and the default template is used to host the recorded file.

That was the problem but I never changed the setting. I also noticed that after I put on 9.5.20 my sample rate changed from 44100 to 22050 and my output file changed from .wav 24 bit to MP3. Never changed any of those settings and currently I am the only person to use my mastering computer. Seems odd to say the least.

Thanks PG for the help as always.