A new resource for Dorico users - written transcriptions of Dorico video tutorials by Anthony Hughes

I’ve really been enjoying the series of video tutorials by Anthony Hughes on the official Dorico Youtube channel. I think Anthony has done a great job of breaking down Dorico’s user interface, key concepts and features of Dorico in a clear, easy to understand way for what is now over 50 video tutorials as of this writing,

Recently, the thought occurred to me that Dorico users might benefit from seeing the content of these video tutorials in written form (with explanatory screenshots).

So, starting in just a couple of days, I will begin a new weekly series on the OF NOTE blog which will be written transcriptions of Anthony’s tutorials:


I hope you find the series worth subscribing to, and a helpful resource for your work with Dorico. New tutorials will be posted weekly, beginning this week on 1/18/18.

With thanks,

Great Idea, Robert. I am not a fan of tutorial videos. Reading is for me a much faster way of learning.

Best wishes,


Indeed a great idea!
Thanks for taking the effort to do this.

What a fantastic idea, Robert. Thank you so much.

–Len B

YouTube offers transcriptions on a number of their videos. Have you checked the existing options for the Anthony Hughes’s videos?

Thanks, all!

Yes, Youtube transcripts are available, and is one of the available tools I will be using to pull this information for presentation (Youtube’s lack of punctuation and formatting, and the cute way that Dorico is interpreted as a person’s name: “Dora Coe” aside ;^).

As stated above, in addition to simply having nicely formatted written transcriptions of Anthony’s video tutorials, one of the ways I am hoping to make them even more useful is to incorporate companion screen grabs directly from Dorico to help clarify the content.

Amazing! This will be super helpful! Thank you!

This is great - thanks Robert. I love the youtube videos but if I want to revisit something quickly a transcript is faster.