A new Virtual Piano for note entry

It would be so handy to have a piano like this for note entry. Dorico for iPad or Dorico with touch screen!


This would simplify the process and the tools in its secondary toolbar above it, we can have more detailed note entry tools.

I’m not suggesting to remove the current keyboard panel. This could be as Secondary option for the keyboard panel.

  • The Notes on Piano Keys, and the rest can be tweaked by user According to the music notes that exist in in a score. For instance, if you are writing a music so if major modulation in G major can select to only those specific keys I’ll white cheese and F sharp key.
  • Just like keyboard Panel one can change the Piano range and zoom up and down.
  • we can input notes, one handed.
  • this reduces number of taps or mouse clicks by 50%. but to be sure how effective this is, I believe it Steinberg can do and should do a HCI Analysis for key strokes, etc. is it all that I’m sure developers know very well
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Good idea! one hand-one click for several informations

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Presumably, you would want it wider, to add more octaves, and taller, to add all the missing note values that it doesn’t do?

Seems visually cluttered for something so limited, when we already have an on-screen keyboard that works well on the iPad.


It’s quicker to use the keyboard shortcuts to enter notes. Try learning those and see if you still think you need a keyboard!


Good point! I didn’t meant to implement it just like this!

Like the current virtual piano in Dorico, there should be a sliders to change the range and the size of the keys, vertically and horizontally.

Well, that’s a good point, but My suggestion was for Dorico for iPad and people who write on Windows or Mac touchscreen laptops such as surface pro with stylus pen.

This would make music writing only using left or right hand, depending on which hand you use for writing.

Thank you I’m aware of this specially, when I’m using iPad in the lower zone. But my point was selecting this as a second option for the Piano panel with the current Piano panel. We need to click twice once for the duration and another time for the Notes, but using this keyboard, we just need to click/tap a single time to enter a note. Practically reduces the number of clicks by 50%