A newby question - discussion about E licencer key

Hello everybody,
I’d like to ask very simple question about E - Licencer key. Should i always keep it connected to my computer ? Or should i connect it only when i use Cubase? Because if i always let it connected to the computer. In the very begining start of PC ( Like in every PC), USB ports recive electricty, then it goes and then it re-recieves. It is like 2 times starting and shutting down the USB key. So i was thinking maybe it can damage the USB key licencer. Because inside of it i have also some Vsl Libraries and would like its life lasts really long. Here i send a photo of and external cable with it because i’d like to keep it. What is your workflow cubase fellas? Can you suggest me something based to you experiences?
Thank you and best regards,

I recommend to keep your dongle plugged in at all times. Mine is always connected unless I want to use Cubase on a different computer. I would think you would have a greater chance of damaging the dongle and/or the usb port with constant removal.

FWIW my main Cubase PC is a desktop with a tower. The dongle is connected in the back where it can’t get damaged. I don’t even remember that it is there. I did purchase an extra dongle for a “just in case” scenario if I need to use the “Steinberg Zero Downtime” process.

Bottom line… plug it in, leave it and enjoy making music. :wink:

Regards :sunglasses:

Thank you Prock, I will fallow your suggestment. I think i will plug it to the back usb port of my pc. :smiley: