A plague of C_PRO_10 - HiDPI/Scaling Issue!

Greetings, everyone!
I know that is not a new problem with HiDPI setting with CPRO10! But, guys, v.10.04 came out! Seriously?
I noticed that people suffer because of that problem at least half a year! Steinberg, what the hell is going on?!
Why I should write all this stuff instead of making music?! I bought your summer sale update up to PRO 10 in hope to get all the best features (such as VariAudio) in your DAW! I got nothing but headache!

Recently I purchased a brand new laptop with 15,5 FHD screen (125% scaling), but my PRO 10 is not working properly on my new system.
Firstly I launched C_PRO10 with native OS settings (HiDPI off) but all the texts and icons inside C10 are became blurry! Whaaat?!
Ok, then I tried to launch with HiDPI ON, but all stuff inside C10 is became tiny! I even decided to work with these two conditions, but C10 kicks me out after a while. It crushes without any dump reports! Damn, I have few project needs to be done ASAP, but can’t run and use this damn DAW properly!

Now we have a 10.40 version out there, but the solution has not appeared yet! Steinberg, are you going TO SELL US THIS SOLUTION on v 10.5? :angry:

I’m about to render all tracks in WAV if Cubase lets me do so, and then I move to Studio One. And if S1 covers all my needs I’ll stay there I think.


As far as i understand, they will fix it in next version Cubase 10.5.
Apparently the problem is something with Win 7 and from next version only Win 10 will be supported.

I might be wrong though.

PG and the Dorico guys wrote that it has to do with the framework they are using ( see https://www.qt.io ), and that they will support other factors than 100% and 200% somewhen, but not in the near future. Maybe this is valid for Cubase and Nuendo, too - noone knows, because I do not remember that there had been an official statement.

Read this:

While the macOS style fully supports high-DPI, the Windows desktop style currently has some limitations with certain scale factors. In these cases, consider using the Fusion style instead, which aims to support high-DPI in all cases.

Note: Non-integer scale factors may cause significant scaling/painting artifacts.
The application attribute Qt::AA_EnableHighDpiScaling, introduced in Qt 5.6, enables automatic scaling based on the pixel density of the monitor.
The application attribute Qt::AA_DisableHighDpiScaling, introduced in Qt 5.6, turns off all scaling. This is intended for applications that need to use actual window system coordinates, regardless of environment variables. This attribute takes priority over Qt::AA_EnableHighDpiScaling.

If Cubase/Nuendo use QT, they probably use the LTS version (supported for three years), and the last LTS version does not work (5.12), and the next one may be released somewhen in 2020… OTOH, Steinberg surely is a big player regarding QT, so they can probably influence QT development a bit to get it earlier - who knows? I am sure they already tried to.

I’d say: Don’t hope for a version that scales correctly under Windows 10 in 2019 and early 2020. Which means Cubase 10.5 won’t scale 125%, 150% or 175%, either. Cubase 11 probably will. But that’s just a guess. Time for an official Statement.

Yes, indeed, time for a statement.

If the framework doesn’t fully support HiDPI, then Steinberg should never have attempted to implement it. They should have let it be until it was ready. Yet again, the Steinberg rule is in effect - advertise and sell a feature that falls desperately short, then offer us a paid upgrade to “fix” it.


This is ridiculous! I spent hard earn money for update, then I bought strong PC for C_PRO10, but it doesn’t work!
What should I do? How would you suggest to me continue my work? I don’t care about those codes and stuff related programming, I just want enjoy making of music. I use Cubase since 5th version, and invested lots of money and time in this DAW, but there’s a crowd of people who been used Cubase since it been realised on ATARI. I don’t want to read all those articles about at framework used in Cubase or whatever - I DONT F#%@ING CARE I’m musician not a IT specialist, I don’t understand any single word written in there.
I’m huge fan of Steinberg’s product such as: GA1, Cubase and as I said above I spent (wasted) tons of my time to studying them. Why other DAWs can run this simple (not for Steinberg) screen settings? Why this “young” DAW Studio One can run it without any issues and easily take OS setting as it owns. Why my lovely DAW Cubase the oldest and richiest one from others can’t do it?! I’m mad as f…
Cubase has an awesome features like VariAudio and Audio Alignment that no one DAW implemented so well! If would Studio One suggested their own quality features instead those rubbish vintage Melodyne and Vocalign (haven’t tried yet), I’d move with no doubt, really!

Thank you for you comment anyway. All the best!

Same problem here on my 43“ Philips Monitor. 100% is to small, 200% to big. And the biggest issue: if i turn on HIDPI some 3rd party Plugins are just Black. I can use them only with generic view… a bit lame Steinberg. Hope for a fast fix.

Dear friend, you’re not alone! Half of a forum suffer because of this damn issue.