A plan B (symbols/lines/etc.)

Hi Everyone,

I find myself stumbling upon various things that are not yet available in Dorico. This is absolutely understandable.
What I find could be helpful is if there was a way to create graphical workarounds for situations that are not yet implemented.

For instance, in Sibelius I found myself often creating custom time signatures and the like using the symbols menu whenever a built-in option was not available.

While Dorico has a way superior mechanism for implementing time-signatures, it would be nice if there was a “Symbols” menu that could be used to input at least graphically things that are not yet available in the program.

I know it’s an “obvious” request, but I feel like this will make my move to work on Dorico full time more feasible.

Again, I understand that Dorico interprets semantics very ingeniously, but it will be nice to control the graphic appearance of things even if Dorico will not know how to interpret them. (time signatures, various symbols, custom lines, custom articulations / playing techniques, etc. )

Hello Michael!

I’ve gotten some good things from the SMuFL page:


I use these symbols to create arrows, by typing Shift-X to create a text box with a long line (underscore character); then I put an arrowhead on the end (copy-and-paste on Mac). There are lots of other symbols here that may help as well.

Oh cool! Thanks!
This is extremely helpful while it only answers a limited amount of situations