A plea for above-top-stave chord symbols

Can we have an option to show chord symbols above the top stave, whatever the top stave happens to be, please?

I work a lot with scores that look like this:

At the moment I can either show chord symbols above the piano staves (which get in the way of lyrics) or I can show above vocal staves, which forces otherwise empty vocal staves to be shown (when they’re set to be hidden).

I realise I could use standard staff text as a work-around, but it won’t transpose etc.

Yes, this would be a great help.

Good idea!

For now, a better workaround is using the “hide chord” property

Thanks Anders - you’ve prompted me to investigate that again. I hadn’t realised that once I’d flicked the toggle I then needed to tick a box. D’oh!

I agree that we should make this possible, and we’ll have a think about how best to achieve it. It’s not really compatible with the per-player way that chord symbol visibility is handled at the moment.