A Possible Fix for Graphical Glitches in Cubase LE13 for AMD GPU

For those with graphical issues using AMD cards and the new Cubase 13 (in my case Cubase LE 13). I MAY have found a fix.

  1. Open your AMD command center software
  2. Click on “Gaming”
  3. In the “Games” TAB click on the three vertical dots and choose “Add a Game”
  4. Find your Cubase executable, in my case Cubase LE AI Elements 13.exe
  5. Double click it to add it to your list
  6. Double click the newly added program, and for my I set my “Gaming Experience” to “Quality” and turned off “Image Sharpening”.

No glitches.

I really hope this helps someone out there having this problem.

Thank you for this!
Fixed the glitching (Cubase 13 Pro, 6750 XT)

I was about to roll back to Cubase 12 until I found this fix.
Thanks again. :smiley:

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I uninstalled the whole program it made me so mad! lol, but the course I was taking was all in Cubase and a lot of stuff you just can’t do in Reaper.

You are very welcome I am so glad it helped someone!

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