A pox upon Windows updates

After stupidly agreeing to the Windows update, Dorico refuses to launch. “No license found.”

I tried running the eLicenser as an admin, but got this error:

“Application ‘LCC2’ has caused the following error: Process with the ID NOT found”

I’m dead in the water and the deadlines don’t stop. Any suggestions, friends?

Edit: after two computer restarts, the eLicenser is working. I’ll leave this little gripe posted in case it helps anyone else…

glad it’s working again – do please tell us which revision of windows seems to be the poxy one.

It’s Windows 10, version 2004. I think the cycle is bigger updates in the fall and bug fixes in the spring.

After all my hand-wringing, it seems to be carrying on as before, so I guess it just needed a little time. :nerd:

I’m still on 1903 and MS haven’t offered me 2004 yet although I know it’s been out a while. I thought there was was a fix for elicenser (other than restarting the PC twice) and win 2004 or am I mixing something up?

That’s interesting. I have installed a windows update today V. 2004 Build 19041.572 and Dorico starts the same way as before the update. Maybe it lies on the issue that I use a USB Licenser and not a soft eLicenser?

Windows eventually forced an update to 2004 upon my computer a couple of months ago; but, after three attempts at installing it successfully, gave up and claimed to have left everything as before. Of course this was not true, as several drivers had been replaced by “improved” versions. But the installer withdrew to lick its wounds and think of another way of attacking. I am waiting and, according to my settings in “Advanced Options” I think I may be able to avoid all but security updates for another month. It is always worth checking the updates page of “Settings” and attempting to delay an update as I have done.


I have heard that MS 2004 created some sound issues/conflicts, and have so far successfully avoid installing it. I’ll keep avoiding as long as possible, but MS has a way of insisting on doing its thing. We’ll see who wins…

It will be interesting to see if ‘disease cuss-phrases’ make a fashionable return to the English language, in these times.

It’s a distinct possibility. That habit never left the Dutch language; cuss-phrases often involve wishing a nasty disease upon someone.

Having just been through MacOS Update Hell and eLicenser Purgatory these last couple of days,

I spoke too soon (3 days ago). On Friday evening, Windows did two “minor” security updates that resulted in my computer not being able to boot to the desktop. I discovered that part of my data hard drive had been made unreadable, though not the directory structure. Eventually, after Windows trying three times to “repair” the disk, I spent the whole of yesterday transferring what could be read to another hard drive. Luckily this was the vast majority of the contents and I have lost nothing of significance. I have ordered a new SSD, but continue to ponder how I can organise a machine that is never connected to the internet. The facts are that there is nothing wrong with this computer that cannot be screwed up by a Windows update. I was appalled when I looked just now at the update history and found that there have been no less than 11 security updates in the month of October so far, following 23 in September – and on both the 2nd and 15th of September there were two of them!


Surely you maintain a backup of all your data on another disk, ensuring that nothing is lost when one disk fails?

Since you use Windows 10 Pro, then you can use the Local Group Policy Editor to disable automatic updates permanently (I know, not everybody can accept this, but I’ve done so and -with a good, updated antivirus- I’m HAPPY). See here.