A problem with Dorico, VEP and MIR


I’m having a problem, that is occurring from the most recent versions of Dorico Pro for Mac, and VSL’s VEP and MIR. I know I didn’t have this issue with slightly older versions of the softwares. I don’t know if the culprit is Dorico, or one of the VSL software. I’ve also asked to the other company.

When playing an orchestral score, with a mix of VSL Vienna Intruments Pro and Synchron Player running under Vienna Ensemble Pro, I have sometimes some of the MIR icons being reset to the default state. Volume, position, role of the instrument are reset.

It only happens with some instruments. Apparently, only in a single VEP instance. Apparently, only with VI instruments, and not Synchron ones. I’ve tried to change the MIDI channel of these instruments, but with no difference. Rebuilt the VEP channels, and no difference.

The issue appears randomly. It doesn’t happen in a particular point of the score, nor with some particular MIDI message sent from a track.

I tend to believe that the issue is happening at VEP level, but I wonder if there is something randomly sent from Dorico, that might be sending these reset messages.


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See this thread:

Thank you, several useful hints.

First of all, the volume change is explained by the fact that I have the auto-volume change enabled in MIR.

Instrument’s role reset is less clear. For example, I have instruments with a clear name that are being reset. But since all my presets are custom, maybe this is confusing MIR in some way.

So, the best thing to try is, I presume, to deactivate the auto-select features once the template is set. Volume and other settings can also be deactivate from the Preset Management window in MIR.


It’s the load on midi activity that is the problem. Since mir became a separate app, there is no way to distinguish new instrument load from load on midi activity.

And, in fact, deactivating the auto-preset and auto-volume preferences didn’t work. Something is continuing to reset some instruments/channels. With no apparent relation to notes/events/actions on my side. So, maybe it is loading a particular patch in an instrument that causes the reset.


Turn off load on midi activity or run through your entire piece once so no loads occur on midi activity, then move one of your mir icons and see if it gets reset on the next playback. I’m pretty certain it’s the load on midi activity that causes the problem.

It’s likely. I tried letting the piece play though the end, and even with Load on MIDI activity enabled it seems to stick on a second pass.

I’m sure I had done this before, but then I also had the auto-role enabled with custom presets, and this might have caused confusion to MIR.

EDIT: Ouch, no. Volume has be reset on at least one of the instruments, even on the second pass.


Right. It’s only a problem if it needs to load a patch.

Try this: load all patches. Move your icons away from default. Play through to see that icons don’t move. Disable a patch that you know it needs. Play back just before that patch is needed. Watch the icon move to the default as it loads that patch.

I’ll try your proposed test later. But, in the meantime, I agree that the “Auto-Guess MIR Profile on patch change” option should be turned off in VEP. Let’s see if this alone can stop randomly resetting the instrument profile in MIR.