A Problem With Recording (Beginner)

So I just myself the NT2-A Microphone from RODE! It is quite good for the price I must say. My problem here is in Cubase 6. I’m quite sure I have everything configured mostly right… So far when I have my “vocal” track on “monitor” I can hear out of both sides to my headphones, but only after moving the vocal tracks master volume below half! As for recording, when I record my vocals only one side of the headphones is heard when I playback. The audio file that I loaded into Cubase 6 for my beat/instrumental, I can hear fine in both sides of the earphones! (Any other track but my microphone track can be heard with stereo sound…) I am using the M-AUDIO 610 Pro Fire as my audio interface.
Any feedback is nice thanks y’all!

Record onto a mono track. And make sure, you´re not double monitoring via your interface and Cubase at the same time.

Thanks for the reply! I will try this in a bit.