A problem with tempo (very slight discrepancies)

Hello. There are two instances of the same problem I encountered just recently, please advise.

  1. My colleague gave me a multitrack of his last work, so I could try complementing it in some way, etc. The tempo this thing was in is 134. After I imported it into Cubase, I eventually had to change the tempo to ~134,4 to make the audios (barely) fit the grid. I first thought it had to be Ableton and didn’t give it too much thought, but not long after it happened again.
  2. We were recording audio, coming out from my laptop (Cubase 10, Scarlett 2i2) into another PC (Reaper, Firebox). It was an improv, and I wanted to simply cut a few nice parts out of audios we recorded, to try messing with them further. The initial tempo in my project was 50, but the multitrack from Reaper wants the grid to be somewhere around 50.529. Besides, it’s the same project that I played into the other computer. So my guess is the audio gets warped in some way upon the import into Cubase. Maybe there’s some setting I’m missing?

Why can the tempo slip a little in such a way? And how can it be resolved?

Lots of thanks in advance.

Kind regards

If the Audio File has Musical Mode enabled then it does contract & expand when the Tempo changes.

Can you post a screen shot of the Pool Window that shows the file in question.