A problem with the VST3 plugin for Spectral Layers

A problem has developed. I cannot use the Spectral Layers VST3 plugin in Wavelab. It gives me an onscreen note that it cannot find the .DLL

Spectral Layers as a stand alone works GREAT!!!

Does someone have a solution??? Thanks in advance!

Will be fixed in next SpectralLayer Patch.

And that is going to be when?

From the internet

By the way, I also got the “upgrade” for SpectraLayers Pro 6. I think it’s because they just acquired it from Magix, so no one would has an elicenser code for the old versions anyway (unless it used eLicenser previously) - thus there is nothing to “upgrade”, and they probably can’t enforce it. Not sure if it will continue to work so I don’t want to lead you astray, but assuming they don’t retroactively cancel it on those of us that got it, it’s a very inexpensive way to get into SpectraLayers Pro 6! (“upgrades” are on sale for $50 right now, vs. full version on sale at $200)


And the VST3 “problem” will be solved???

-Next week
-Next month
-When the Steinberg coders come back from vacation
-No timetable


Just curious why a company would put out a brand new application without fully checking it out to see if it worked with their own software???

The problem is that this plugin requires a host that is ARA compatible, which is not the case of WaveLab 9.5.
But in next WaveLab version, there will be a nice way to use SpectraLayers from WaveLab :wink:

Thanks for the update.

Fab! (Next version = 10 or 9.6?)


No 9.6

I know you cannot say exactly when but this year???

Thanks in advance.

I feel kinda cheated that I bought something and there was no notice that it did not work with Steinberg’s own program. Maybe that should have been stated in the release information. FWIW

Yes, this year

I think you might be the only one who had an expectation that it should work in WL, seeing as WL is currently not an ARA2 host. The standalone SL6 application works, and the SL6 ARA2 plugin works in applications which are ARA2 hosts.

So when there is a VST3 version we can not expect that the vst3 version runs in a vst3 host from the same company??

Thomas W. Bethel wrote: ↑
Fri Jul 19, 2019 11:14 am
I feel kinda cheated that I bought something and there was no notice that it did not work with Steinberg’s own program. Maybe that should have been stated in the release information.

Right Thomas,
that is nearly misleading and Steinberg had to shame on this.

Seriously folks? How exactly did you envisage another editor would function as an effect? HALion is a VST3 effect but I don’t expect a synthesiser to work in WL. The only curious thing about this is why SL6 even shows up at all from inside WL – that was the only thing that surprised me.

Exactly. How would one expect this plugin to even work in WaveLab? Some fundamental changes to WaveLab would need to occur but it sounds like PG is working on it for WL10.

OK, so here’s the announcement text: “SpectraLayers nicely complements the other Steinberg products and can be integrated into Cubase and Nuendo as an ARA extension. This allows users to delve deeper into their audio files and edit them in the spectral domain without ever having to leave their DAW. And it even works together with WaveLab and HALion.”

Can be integrated into Cubendo, against works together with WL and HALion. If you then look further it shows that WL can be called from Spectralayers, exactly like it can be done from Cubase… I see no cheating and certainly no misleading there.

Gee all the Izotope RX plugins work great with WL AND I can also use it as a stand alone editor. SL6 does show up in WL so why would Steinberg do that IF they were not going to let WL users use it with WL???

A simple statement like: “At present SL does not work as a plugin with WL” would have been “helpful” and I assume would not have cost Steinberg any SL sales. Leaving out that information was maybe an oversight or maybe was deliberate. The way the “announcement” was worded left much to the imagination. Simple language is always preferable IMHO.

I can understand how you feel, but as others pointed out, they did specify which programs it would work with as an ARA extension, and you can configure it to open the current file in another editor, be it Wavelab, or whatever. (See the SL manual for more info.)

One would have to make certain assumptions in order to conclude that it would work in Wavelab as it does in Cubendo. And of course, PG has responded to you specifically with an unambiguous and substantive answer to this.

That is an unattributed quote (from Gearslutz ) which is missing the rest of the content of the post.