A question about my current setup with Cubase 10 and a Yamaha mixer

Hi everyone,

I was hoping to ask a question regarding master fader levels on Cubase and my mixer (which also has a speaker volume knob.)

My current setup of Cubase and the Yamaha n12 mixer allows me to have Cubase’s master fader, the master fader on my mixer, which also has a control room volume knob. Now even though I keep the master fader of Cubase and the mixer at unity most of the times, lets say I have three levels of control over the levels coming out of the monitors.

But recently I decided to purchase a sound card since the mixer’s kinda getting old and noisy. Although I just cant seem to figure out as to how does it work out with a sound card? It will just be Cubases’s master fader and the control room volume knob on the sound card. Which is basically 2 levels of control over the levels as opposed to three with the mixer. So I was just wondering about a couple if things -

Will I miss something? Are the “volume” knobs on sound cards control room knobs or are they like the master fader on the mixer?

Currently I can get great levels out of my Genelecs with the control room knob of the mixer at just 50% and master fader at unity. Will a soundcard give me such a huge output for speaker volume?

Just not able to wrap my head around it or find much with a Google search. So thought people here might have some advise and knowledge to share. Will be kinda awesome :slight_smile:

Thanks! Great to be back on the forum after a break!

All you need after the Master Fader is one control to adjust speaker levels.
I also keep my Master Fader at 0.0.

You can use Control Room output level for this (the red knob in Cubase Control Room) or any knob assigned to control the speaker outputs of your sound card.

@PuRe_AdDicT Hey thanks for the reply. Great to hear I wont be missing anything then.
Although on a lot soundcards, I am seeing a knob which balances the output levels between the inputs and the DAW … Like the knob on the UR22 in the pic below.
I can imagine how it can be handy while recording via the input to create a monitor mix. But where should it be while mixing or producing music where there are no line inputs involved? 100% on the DAW side?

Full DAW is fine for mixing, as you already know, it’s only for recording inputs :wink: