A quick question on east west choirs

Hello, if I understand correctly now East West Symphonic choirs are supported by Dorico 4. But is it necessary to use Play or the new Opus? I’m on windows 10 I have an intel i5 quad core year 2011 and 16 gb ram.
Thanks for the replies.

Please see this earlier thread:

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a quick answer as I was spending a lot of time with this earlier in the year. Avoid Opus is the conclusion. There are simply too many oddities for reasons I cannot really fathom as in theory Play 6 also uses Wordbuilder 2. And yet even the text is rendered differently at times and the dynamics are more erratic with sudden drops in certain situations. Unless no-one else finds this (unlikely), simply stick to Play 6 for the time being until there’s a significant Opus update. The same applies to Hollywood Choirs if you have them.

The downside is that Play 6 loses the ability to adjust the channel dynamics individually for some bizarre reason. On the whole, though, unless you use the Mens/Womens instead of SATB choirs in Symphonic Choirs, it’s not a major problem.