A quick way to delete all inactive audio regions in a lane?

Hi guys

I have not been able to find an easy way to remove all audio regions in a lane that are not used. I am familiar with the “clean up lanes” function, but would like to take it a step further and quickly and easily completely remove all audio not currently active/being used. Is there a way to do that?



Hi, what if you just went to the “pool” where all the audio files are in, highlight all the ones in that lane and move them to the trash, and then just empty trash?

Alternatively, you can just rightclick the pool and select “remove unused media”

Hi Hypergensis, thanks for the reply.

Perhaps I should clarify a bit. The “inactive regions” I am talking about would not be considered unused media by the pool because they are still sitting in the lane. By inactive I mean the audio regions within a lane enabled track that are not actively being played.

An example scenario would be that you have just finished doing a vocal comp and want to get rid of all the clutter of un-used vocal phrases so you can close your gaps, do breath edits and whatnot. As it stands I have to go through manually and remove all the excess, and this usually requires additional edits. If you’re rushing, it is not hard to make a mistake and delete things accidentally.

I am looking for a command or even batch process that can do this for me, effectively only keeping audio actively set to be played back in the lane.

If this doesn’t exist, perhaps we can put fourth a well worded feature request?

Have a look at the logical editor I think there is a preset for delete muted parts

Oh ok, sorry! I’m trying to figure out something for you in Cubase but I think a nice little feature would be this>
when slicing audio, I think the sliced up parts should be given a new name automatically, so say the audio I recorded would be named (in this instance I have “Audio 11_29”) let’s say you slice it up, the sliced up version should become “Audio 11_29a” or something like that to differentiate between the first bit that way when it’s categorized in the pool it would show up as a different audio file so it could be massively selected then deleted and such.

I hope this is what you’re getting at anyways, I’m really sorry if it’s not :slight_smile: and I would probably look silly too :smiley:

premediesel, are you maybe looking for ‘delete overlaps’? It’s in the advanced menu I think (with keyco assignable).