A recording tip please regarding what's you hear

Dear fellow engineers,

I would like your help regarding a problem. In cubase, I have a track for example which I need to replace a wrong chrord, but I would like to play along the previous bars and hear both the recorded and what I play. (I already know that when you hit record you hear what you play) For your consideration, I have selected the classic “tape style monitoring”


K. P.

Please anyone fellow. I have not found anything for this yet although I searced :smiley:

You can’t record and also hear what you previously played on the same track unless you setup punch in & out points directly before and after the chord you want to replace. However, you still won’t hear anything previously recorded once you are in record mode. Of course you could try editing the problem chord (notes) with the audio tools in Cubase but I prefer to punch in & out for my edits.

Thank you for your answer. So If I am not mistaken, if I have punch in and out for the bars I need to replace, I will hear the previous, and when the record starts I will be able to hear what I am playing taht time.

But, what happens if I wont to hear and play along with the already recorded track? (ofcourse in record I will hear the new one) is it possible?

The problem will be eliminated if I play on a new track