A request for a rough Cubasis roadmap

Cubasis 3 is my main software for music production. It has not all the features of Cubase but it is improving constantly - so much that it is my tool of choice. Like all software on this planet Cubasis has some bugs and the defect rate is within normal figures for a professional product. Nonetheless some bugs really make it impossible for me to do certain things I’d like to do.

I know the issues I reported go into the bug tracker of the Cubasis team and I’m confident that they will be treated. Anyway, I’d really like a communicated rough roadmap of bugfixes. I’m also in the software industry and I know that bugfixes are very hard to estimate as you can always discover on the way that a bug is more difficult to fix than expected and might be moved to the next release train. I would also definitely prefer shorter release cycles for bugfixes. You have a beta program - I am also part of it - and the community would support you in testing.

I don’t want to lecture you how you develop your software - this is just my user perspective. In the past there were some issues that were not fixed in years although being ‘on the list’. Being a bit more open about bugfixes and a more transparent release schedule would definitely give users more trust to invest into Cubasis as their tool of choice for their projects. If this is communicated as a preliminary rough roadmap, I think the vast majority of users wouldn’t chop your head off if it is not exactly followed but rather appreciate the transparency and feeling of progress.

Hi @krassmann,

Thank you for your message.

Normally, we do announce new features and fixes alongside when releasing new versions.

We constantly monitor the forums and exchange with our users, to learn more about the most frequent feature requests and problems. Given this information, we carefully work out the scopes and schedules for upcoming releases (which are subject to change from time to time in case of unforeseeable events).

Best wishes,

Thanks for the answer. I know its very difficult to communicate such a roadmap. It’s probably my wishful thinking to get a bit more insight into what is cooking… :grinning: