a rest is gone in a player with multiple instruments


The following notation in Gallery view
Screenshot 2019-02-09 23.59.11.png
does not show a rest in Page view.
Screenshot 2019-02-09 23.59.45.png
How can I fix it?

Looks like there’s an end voice on the last cymbal note…
Click on the note and check the properties

Thanks, but regretfully not.

Each of the following properties is automatically deactivated:

  • Starts voice
  • Ends voice

Instrument changes that occur in the middle of the bar can unfortunately end up with some rests missing. This is a limitation of the way instrument changes work at present. There’s no good workaround at the moment. You may have to add a rest character as Shift+X text, or consider lengthening the note by one further beat.

In this case, the last note can be got rid of.
I hope this limitation is resolved in the future version.
Inputting the rest via shift+x is not a suitable method, and there might be many cases that the note or rest must be preserved.