a sample players (drag and drop exchange)

3 new vstsounds for tryout.
It seems to be in good working order, and is HS3 and H6 compatible it seems.
I tested it on several machines and several ways, and it isn’t perfect, but they are working and you should find them under the program or layer browser.

What is it ?

  • a simple sample player -
    Made to make simple single samples playable in any type of workstation so these can be exchanged between projects…
    Changing a sample you do by simply drag and drop on top of the path in the vst. The path can come from anywhere on your system.
    It has two envelopes (amp/filter) and access to 4 aux busses (distortion/reverb/delay/wahwah) for some quick brushing of the sample.
    There is one sample loop incorporated. There is some sort of realtime trimming possible when changing the start and endpoints of the sample and the sample screen refreshes the view.
  • a loop player -
    same principle but with the focus on loop playback
    no envelopes here but more focus on aux efx processing
  • an industrial bass
    as simple as it gets and old scool: 5 samples fighting for a buss

many thanks for the user misohoza because i started this little build with his exchange template and i was allowed to place it on the forum.

link to latest versions: https://1drv.ms/f/s!AoOC6MMDw5SesEPK_28ZcZTtlcIX

kind regards,

here is a picture of how the sample player should look like
homegrown_Industrial_Base.rar (794 KB)
vstsound.zip (787 KB)

Great stuff! Maybe you could add a screenshot to your post to show how the Mini Sampler looks like?

picture added in the first post.


tx for the comment!
H6 is a beast to be discovered.
The combination of the engines is something a lot of musicians will be interested in and they are made very near to perfection.
The amount of ideas that can be implemented with it is huge and quality is state of the art.
I focus on single sound per preset, maximising the use of the framework that is given to the user.

kind regards