A sampler that is relevant for electronic music

I know a lot of people are asking for a sampler … I really like Groove Agent but it’s very limited when it comes to audio manipulation for current electro music. Ableton live is the go to for electro guys and DJ because of what it can do and I think Steinberg have to include those features if they want to stay relevant with that market. I’m talking about things like setting a range in an audio file that can play back and forth and that has glide or pitch wheel. See this video:
Groove agent can pitch a sound but it won’t time manipulate it or make it loop back and forth like this.
It’s that classic Diplo, DJ Snake, Skrillex effect that are in songs like Lean on, Where are U, 7 11 (Beyonce) ect

edit: just upgraded Groove agent 4 to 4.2.2 and they included pitch bend and back and forth looping :slight_smile:
There are now 2 things missing for me … portamento/glide, and being able to edit pitched pads of a ranged sample (they could include a render option that would create audio files with the pitched ones so they are editable)

I would rather they update Groove Agent with these features so it will work with my current sample sets.

+1 definitely make it simpler and powerful on loop and drag and drop features. And don’t forget silence offset and automatable starting / ending points

I had suggested this a while ago : https://www.steinberg.net/forums/viewtopic.php?f=228&t=69809

just +1 your thread

Good luck my friend. This question off adding a sample is bin going on for years.
All the DAW’s out there have one. He maybe this year when cubase 9 comes out.

Good luck , you’ll need it!!

+1 (infinity)


you can use Padshop for that purposes. And it have not only sampler features because its granular synth. But to have ability to use your own samles as source you need to buy paid update to Padshop Pro.