A sensible set up?

Hi Folks
I’m using e drums to trigger and record and have a suitable set up with kontakt in stand alone.
Some drums are on midi ch 1 some on 2 etc. So I load a number of instruments and set the relevant channels, great.
So doing the same thing from within cubase, I can monitor and playback only midi channel 1. It does record on all channels (midi).

Ideally is there a way to monitor all the channels or do I need to open a new track for each instrument?
I hope this makes sense!

Choosing “Any” from the inspector midi channel drop-down on a midi track should enable you to hear all of the recorded midi channels on a single track, if that’s what you mean?

Do you have a reason not using the default midi 10 port? Just curious why not :slight_smile:

And if you’re using drummaps, check the drum map setup which contains midi channels.

It’s really just to add some versatility to trigger sounds other than just percussion.

I’ll re phrase just to be clearer.
Within cubase I open an instance of kontakt and load various instuments on different midi channels.
I can only monitor instruments on ch 1 or omni.
I can record on all channels.
Playback I can only hear the instruments on midi ch1.

I’ve looked through the manual but I’m not sure what I’m looking for. Midi filter looked promising, but no.


Ok, I think I understand. When you have 2 tracks of midi which you want to monitor both at the same time just enable the record symbol on both channels. It is possible I have done myself when desiging sounds, I can have all midi tracks (record enabled) to monitor it (had 10 channles simultanous triggering).

Sorry, I’ve only got 1 track in cubase with one instance of kontakt.
Is that the work around? to have 1 instument in 1 instance of kontakt on 1 track in cubase.


That’s the way I work because of the unlimited midi tracks. However I do not have kontakt, but halion works similar. I can have 16 instruments per halion instance and for each instrument I load a midi-channel with a unique channel. When all enabled (record enable miditrack) all of the halion instances react to what I play on my midi keyboard.

From page 102 of the manual there are settings for midi output channels but I need to add midi track rather than instrument track?
If I do the former, I don’t see how to access kontakt.
I’m loosing the will!!

When adding a new midi channel you can set the midi in channels, and for kontakt there should be an entry in the midi output options in inspector track.

The answer to this to load kontakt via F11, then the relevant options appear.