A sensible way of breaking up the nuendo forum?

I’ve mentioned this in the cubase forum, but think thoughts from some of the nuendo users might be useful too.

From where I sit, I would personally like to be able to have tags associated with posts - but that probably won’t happen. (Things like feature request, bug report, bug confirmation, tech question etc etc)

However - there would be a very easy way to make information easier for users (and admin / devs) to access, search and participate with. Rather than expecting users to use things like [FR] for feature request or [BUG] for a bug report etc (which we’ve seen a little of in the old forum - but with no official moderation) could we split the nuendo forum into
Feature Requests
If something isn’t a bug, it could be easily moved by mods to general, etc etc. I feel this would at least make the information contained in these forums a little more useful for everyone. Thoughts?

(This all came from PC / Mac talk - which again, could be so easily fixed if tagging of posts were implemented…)

Cheers. Brendan.

I completely agree. One thing I really like about Cubendo.com is their bugbase. I really hope something like that is implemented here.

Hm - can we cross post between forums here? Ie - i’d like to refer to either a topic or a post. It would be good if individual posts could be directly referenced in a post.


You can.

Re: A sensible way of breaking up the nuendo forum?
 by Woodcrest Studio » 15 Dec 2010 23:18
The apple is where the icon (looks like a dog eared page) is that you click in a post to reference the post in another post:

How have I gone THAT long using so many forums and never discovered that on phpBB based systems?

You’re not supposed to admit that!