"A SERIOUS ERROR has occured....."


Does anyone have an idea why this happens? Here’s the message that i get after rendering a file; “A serious error has occured inside the plugin ‘Audio Engine Output’. Wavelab Elements could control it, but it would be best to save your work and restart Wavelab Elements”. Noticed this first after install of Wavelab Elements 7 (7.2). Then i uninstalled 7.2 and re-installed 7.1. The message still appears! Should i do a full reformat of hard drive, re-install everything, or system restore? Or is there folder that can be deleted to solve this? Help Please!!! :frowning:

With what plugin?

Noticed this first with “Waves IDR” dithering plug.

Thanks PG for getting back.

7.2.1 will solve this.

Today it happened with a “TRacKS Classic Compressor” and Wavelab “Peak Master” after rendering a file. :confused: Maybe something happened to my system? Need to re-install everything perhaps? :question: This happened on 64bit version first then 32bit. Then i un-installed both versions and re-installed only the 32bit version. Still happened. But this never ever happened before.

i’m currently backing up all my files now to prepare for a System Restore back to the original configuration as shipped from factory. This is on a Dell Studio XPS 435t- 9000. Thanks again in advance for any help.