A set of Orchestral works

Hi Folks,

Part of the work I have been writing is a set of 3 orchestral works called Symphonic Episodes. The individual titles are not programmatic as such but may give a guide to what I was thinking at the time.

Here are the links to each episode.




Thanks for listening


Very “orchestral”! :wink:

I really liked the second and third episodes, mostly due to
melody and then dynamics.

At times I could hear a room (when things got louder)
but at other times I felt parts were a bit too dry (such as
the opening of #3).

But this is all way out of my compositional and
theoretical ballpark, so feel free to disagree of course.


No need to disagree as such - I put my stuff out there so people can listen and state their opinions. It’s all valid and very necessary if we are to improve.

Personally, my favourite is the third episode but it takes the first two to make it truly effective. And yes, the third is a bit dry at the start. The choice of instruments make that happen along with the melodic aspects.

I use Garritan Personal Orchestra for my sound source in these works. I am able to tweak the dynamics most of the time and work the sounds to get the intended articulations and phrasing but it’s not like hearing the real thing playing. Therefore, the recording can often not be as dynamic as any of us may like. There will always be times when some sounds just don’t hit the mark. In any case, I liken this to recording a rough and I want people to hear it as a work in itself first, then as a recording.

Thank you for listening, your insights (as always) I respect and take on board - they make me want to improve.

All the best


Hello Jonathan, after first listen, I’ll say it’s refreshing to hear “classical” works here. By that I mean musical ideas that are longer than 4 minutes, develop a theme, and aren’t afraid to change meters and keys, using a full complement of orchestral instruments and dynamics. So thanks for posting! I think it succeeds in getting your ideas across. But I agree with you, it’s a rough approximation. I don’t know enough about using orchestra libraries to advise you, although others around here may be able to help.

Keep posting!

Thanks for listening Leon. Nice of you to recognise the musical aspects of the works - you have good ears too.

All the best


Very nice! I like style of your music. Some parts (esp. part 3, which I love most, too) remind me on some late works from Wendy Carlos. Sometimes I would prefer if longer notes would have a little bit more of dynamic. But I for myself would be happy, if I could create such kind of music at all… Thank you for sharing your music!

Thank you Stefan.