A shame about the Dorico Facebook group

Despite having received help multiple times from the Facebook group, I’m finding that there are a fair share of rather toxic individuals in the group.

If that group were all I knew about Dorico, I’d almost be tempted to go back to Finale.

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I find that Facebook is just like that in general, not just the Dorico group. Every Facebook group that I have participated in has the same toxicity.


I guess running a small Facebook group of my own, for a small group of composers - professional and hobbyist - I’ve been lucky to avoid that sort of interaction.


The French group is rather very nicely crowded. But as I am the admin, I can stop any borderline behavior. And I don’t find the official Dorico group is that toxic, maybe you’ve stumbled upon some badly written (and toxic) posts.

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If I used a notation app where the company were taciturn about the future, and where longstanding issues lay languishing for decades, (taking an imaginary example at random), then such bitter tirades might be more understandable.

I don’t use guitar tab or chords; but I’m ok with Dorico having those features, if it pays for my Figured Bass.

I usually don’t post on the FB group, because it all goes on my friends’ notifications.
“Ben has just said something about Dorico again.” :roll_eyes:


That makes me sad to hear… I’m beginning to feel some of that here too sometimes - I don’t want to become part of any negativity in the other direction, but it seems okay without directing it at a specific individual to suggest that there’s like a petulance or poison sometimes that is quite apart from having a difference of opinion.

At least, the karma is that it will only cause them to torpedo themselves in just about any corner of this pretty small relationship driven industry - and people have long memories.

Dorico is clearly an opus master work or life legacy for a very creative, dedicated and passionate team. Dorico is THEIR’S - (not user X ) and you’d think as fellow creatives we’d all understand and respect that.


I think that’s key - Facebook is far less moderated than the forum…

I stopped contributing to the FB page two years ago and am the happier for it, I have to say. The French page is very nice though. Kudos to Marc!