A silly, basic question

I’m looking at the Main Mixer window and all output channels are set to the Main Stereo Out buss. This is indicated at the top of each strip with the words ‘Stereo Out’ in white on a black background. All these channels are audible, except for one channel which at the top has the words ‘Stereo Out’ in white on a GREY background.The meter shows there is audio there but nothing is reaching the Stereo Out buss.

As far as I can see all channels are set up the same way.

What am I missing? - it must be something really stupid!


Unassign / Reassign?

I guess you have deactivated the output in DirectRouting?

Change to DirectRouting-View in Mixer and check this.

I’ve tried that - set the output to ‘No Bus’ and other outputs and then back to ‘Stereo Out’ - but it made no difference.

After setting it to ‘No Bus’ I even saved the project and shut everything down before rebooting from cold and then setting it back to ‘Stereo Out’. Made no difference.

I’ve tried this too. With the 8 Direct Routing slots visible on the channel, the first one shows ‘Stereo Out’ in light grey with a dark grey background. Other channels that are working show ‘Stereo Out’ in white with a black background as we would expect.

Whatever output I select in the first slot, it always displays the selection in light grey with a dark grey background.

The weird thing is, the channel was working yesterday morning.

Hi Chris

Can you please send me the NPR file?
Having difficulty with this one - hard to visualize as I have never seen it, and would like to see…

check if you haven’t created a feedback loop.
If choices are greyed out, then it is because you risk to create a feedback loop.
For example, you cant set the input to the same output.
Or record an output if that track is routed to the same output.


Usually in this case you can’t select an particular input or you can’t select the output (greyed out in the pulldown) - but if the out is already selected and set? Hard to tell… Posting the npr could help!

I’ve solved the problem by deleting the channel/track and creating a new one and pasting in the parts, however I’ve since noticed that with the Direct Routing slots visible on a channel in the Mixer, clicking on an output name (for example ‘Stereo Out’) will toggle the output on and off. Also, if more than one slot contains an output name, clicking on any one of them switches off the other ones. This seems to be unique to the Direct Routing slots.

It seems that only one direct output can be active at any one time. Is this normal behaviour or a bug? - I can not find a reference to this in the user manual.

Many thanks for your input Gentlemen.

Click on the icon; this will activate “multible outputs”-mode.
See manual.


Many thanks Fredo - that is completely new to me - very useful. However, with Summing mode On, would it not make more sense if additional outputs where automatically active as soon as they are selected rather than having to go and activate each one after selecting an output? - If additional outputs are setup, the user will probably want to use them, so making them immediately active seems to make sense (I’m probably missing something!)


The concept with summing mode was if you’re mixing for film/TV you can send sounds to multiple outputs (or groups) for different mixes such as Main Mix, TV Mix, M&E etc. These assignments can be automated and switched on the fly. When you combine this with new features in the Control Room added in 5.x you have an incredibly powerful system.

It’s also handy for music when doing parallel processing on instruments and (using the control room) monitoring stem busses such as drums, bass, music, vocals etc.

Interesting! I have to read into that soon. Is it in the manual?

I tried those direct routing things once, but all settings were messed up after close/reopening the project - so I just stopped investigating into that.


Commentary that doesn’t help this discussion at all - :wink:

As usual we were working with a PT facility on our tv shows and they were discussing the need for an XMON package for a given live show to facilitate monitoring multiple sources and bus widths. When asked what we were going to do I ran them through the Nuendo Control Room and got the usual response from PT folks when shown something like that - incredibly useful! - but it’s not PT. It’s surprising it hasn’t been copied much yet in other software. Except maybe for the Studio Sends part - I still get confused there but that’s just me. :smiley: