A solution to getting non-exclusive audio on Windows

I have become aware of a new solution for getting shared audio to work on Windows.

It’s a driver called FlexASIO (GitHub - dechamps/FlexASIO: A flexible universal ASIO driver that uses the PortAudio sound I/O library. Supports WASAPI (shared and exclusive), KS, DirectSound and MME.)

Unlike ASIO4ALL, it defaults to DirectSound output.

On my system it works great… no noticeable added latency, and all my other Windows audio continues to work just fine with Dorico open.

Happy day!

This is even better than the old (RIP) “release audio device in background” option.


Thank you very much! It works well (but I didn’t try real time midi input yet)
After setting flexasio in dorico, I had to close dorico and reopen it in order to make it work.

Hi, I don’t suppose you happen to know if this will (or should) work with Sonarworks Systemwide at all do you?

Much like ASIO4ALL it’s a generic driver so it should work with anything that wants to output to ASIO.

Not sure what support it has, if any, for input, if needed.

Been working on a transcription today and this has been FANTASTIC.

Had my DAW and Dorico open, both outputing to FlexASIO, and it’s worked flawless, I can instantly tab back and forth to compare the transcription with the recorded take.

Just a comment to say I’ve run into some issues with my ASIO, and this fixed it perfectly. Thanks!

Glad it works for ya. Still working great here to.

Sooooo nice not to have Dorico not block all my notification sounds, etc.

Is there any way that a next-generation Dorico installation could do this?

You can do it today. Just download the driver, change the audio device in Dorico prefs.

Thanks for this! I’m teaching a virtual analysis class this semester and need to have my Zoom screen configured to always have a virtual MIDI keyboard appear at the bottom of the screen, so students can see whatever voicings I’m playing. Of course I need the sounds from my standalone VST, Dorico, Transcribe, etc to always play through Zoom too without having to use Share Screen/Share Sound. Using this in combination with Voicemeeter was the final piece in figuring that puzzle out, so thanks!

I couldn’t get my Dell laptops soundcards Realtek ASIO driver to support multiple inputs (while my desktops sound card does) and it is a must when transcribing. This made my day, thanks a bunch!