A sort-of replacement for Figurato

If any of you have used Figurato in your documents, to create figured bass using lyrics; then you will know that it doesn’t really work since Dorico 4.1, because the figures appear massively far away from the staff.

I still have quite a few ‘legacy’ documents that use Figurato, which I created before Dorico’s figured bass feature was implemented; or to overcome limitations in Dorico’s figured bass – most notably for figures on the upper staff of the keyboard.

So… I have created a font that is designed to be a drop-in replacement for Figurato. (E.g. you just change the font in the Paragraph Style.)

It is not nearly as clever as Figurato, and so it either knows about a particular combination of stacked figures, or it doesn’t.

It also has one significant limitation: text of the form [numeral] [accidental] will be represented as numeral OVER accidental, not both on one line. The accidental must be before the numeral to be on the same line.

It’s still in the early stages, but I’d welcome some input – particularly additional stacks of figures that it ought to know about; and whether it works on Windows.

It also has the full set of SMuFL-compliant figures.

Gofigure.zip (125.4 KB)


as always you are amazing! thank you for this

Now updated with Version 0.2 in the link above, with more glyphs and better handling on accidental collision. Slightly.

Read the Mañuel for details.

Version 0.5 is now sufficiently ‘mature’ for most purposes. Collision of accidentals on rows has been fixed, brackets are now included, and there’s a decent range of figures.

(Updated download in first post.)

Again, it would be useful to know if this works properly on Windows, and if there are other glaring omissions in the range of figures.


Version 0.6 fixes some problems with plus and minus signs.

Use this version, not the one in the first post.

Gofigure.zip (126.6 KB)

Version 1.0 of Gofigure is now finished. Lots more glyphs; slightly revised syntax handling, which is hopefully more compatible with Figurato. Some support for French-style plusses.

Gofigure v1.0.zip (127.3 KB)

Note that now it will interpret [number][accidental] ON ONE LINE. You will need to use a comma, e.g. 5,s to get an accidental on a new line.

Now up to version 1.2, if anyone’s interested.

Gofigure v1.2.zip (69.3 KB)