A standard and univeral expression mapping system for vst. Is it possible or Is It a bad Idea?

Would it be possible to create a universal standard for VST instrument expression maps, similar to the NKI format adopted by Native Instruments, while still allowing users to customize the mapping in the same way they can customize graphic symbol editors? This would ensure a consistent mapping system that corresponds each expressive symbol to the correct program changes or appropriate keyswitches when using professional plugins, while also giving users the flexibility to make adjustments as needed.

Once the standard is established, fine-tuning of the maps would be the responsibility of the plugin manufacturer. Personally, I would be willing to pay a little extra for an instrument that is immediately ready to use, leaving me free to focus solely on composing and writing, rather than worrying about the technical aspects of mapping. This would also be beneficial for other users who want to achieve high-quality results without having to navigate complex mapping processes.

it’s a nice idea in theory but the problem is that all the manufacturers have widely differing patches which have been recorded and are offered – to say nothing of modelled instruments like SWAM, Sample Modelling or NotePerformer which work according to completely different principles. It might be too much of a straightjacket for developers. Of course it would be helpful if developers produced Dorico Expression Maps for all their libraries but this ain’t going to happen either as most are primarily designed to be played and recorded live in the first instance and notation software isn’t even officially supported – even though most libraries in practice work fine in Dorico.