A Steiny forum app?

Aloha guys,

I only do limited inner tube work but when I do I always
just use a simple www browser (Safari/Chrome/Firefox/Opera etc).

However when my wife visits her certain sites, she often has/uses
an app or apps specifically designed to enhance the visitor experience
for that particular site. And some of them are really really nice and work well.

So how about having a specific net app for this site?

Anyone use any apps like that for other sites?

TIA (thanks in advance)

For Mac, or on ipad or Android? There’'s Tap-aTalk on Android, I tried it but did n’t find it to be better than a plain browser.



I neglected to say that she uses a mobile pad device so perhaps this not such a good idea
for a lap/desktop.

Ma bad.

‘Never mind’. —Gilda Radner


I never do :wink: