a suggestion about the print screen


To produce multiple parts of scores, I select each item to print on the Layout panel which is on the left side of Print mode.
It is already very convenient, but sometimes I am confused when I remove/add players.
I think it would be helpful if the Layout panel of Print mode provides checkbox as Setup mode does do.

What do you think about this idea?

Checkboxes that do what, exactly?

Dear prko,
I’m afraid you’re confused about Layouts. Print mode lets us print whatever layout has been created in Setup mode. If you need to print a different Layout (with fewer players or another combination of players), create a new layout with that combination in setup mode. The architecture has been very cleanly thought after, appreciate its logic and you should find the solutions are already there. Or I misunderstood you.

Oops, I did not write the role of the checkbox.
Currently, we should select the layout from the layout panel in Print mode, then print them.

The colour of the selected layout is changed to blue.
We should select the layout in this way each time when printing/exporting PDFs.

If my idea is implemented, we select the layout by checking the checkboxes. The status of (un)checked checkboxes is stored, so we do not reselect the layouts, and we know what we printed at last time.

It sounds all very complicated to me as you describe it. I think the way it works currently is very simple: select the layouts in Print mode and hit the print button. You don’t have to select anything in Layout mode for this. Print mode and Layout mode are two different things.

In other words, you simply want the print mode to remember your last-print settings. On the one hand I understand the desire, on the other hand, this is a 50/50 issue: if they change it, I bet half of the forum would prefer the old way. Honestly, I think we wish Dorico to do too many things for us sometimes. While there is certainly a point to software helping make proceses easier for us, there needs to be a bit of a burden (in a positive sense) on the user too. (Which is to say, I don’t think it should be Dorico’s job to remember what we’ve printed.) My personal opinion out of the way, perhaps a resettable “print count” number at the edge of each layout might be a better option. That way you could see if the part had been generated before, and then if significant revisions were made, you could reset all the counts and start generating/printing parts again with a clean count.

What do you mean with the term Layout mode? I see only the following modes:

  • Setup mode
  • Write mode
  • Engrave mode
  • Play mode
  • Print mode.
    There is no “Layout mode” in Dorico as far as I understand.

What I mean with the term “Layout panel” is the left panel in Print mode.

Sorry for my insufficient writing skill.
I wrote something so insufficient that my idea might be misunderstood.

This is my idea!!!

I’m pretty sure Andre meant “Setup mode.” Probably got lost in translation.