A suggestion for future releases

And if this is already possible, please let me know how.
In ProTools when you want to export audio/bounce, you can just click on a file and the locators will start when the file starts and end when the file ends. This is very easy and a quick way of selecting the part you want to export/mix down/bounce.
But in Cubase you have to manually move the left and right locators either by clicking on them or by holding down Ctrl and click the mouse for starting position and Alt+mouse click for ending position.

The ProTools way of doing this is much easier so hopefully you good people at Steinberg can look into this?

You can select the part(s) and press ‘P’ on the keyboard to set the locators around exactly the start/ends of what you’ve selected.

Which is nice… :sunglasses:

Though, Cubase is even better - you must agree that ProTools is a major pain in that it can only ‘export’ in real-time… what a tedious, chore that is when you’ve a ton of individual tracks/stems to do… It should be called SnoreTools…

Thank you:) i did not know that! I certainly will be using that option from now on.

I totally agree on the ProTools-issue which only lets you export in realtime, that must be a hassle! I have not yet tried out ProTools 9, so i don’t know if this has been fixed. Much better to have the option to do fast mixdowns like in Cubase:) And now with your help it will be even faster for me!