A suggestion re: Discover Dorico

Any chance you plan to go back to the previous “Discover Dorico’s” (which are so rich with excellent, hands-on info!) and add these time indexes you’ve been doing more recently (in the “Show More” section, below each video), even to the older ones (as you have below)? Especially in the absence of completed formal documentation, this would make the searching for specific information MUCH more useful (though I know you’ve already got plenty on your plate!):
Screen Shot 2018-07-02 at 5.37.18 PM.png
Also (incidentally) LOVE OF NOTE’s more visual/text-and graphics-based versions of Anthony Hughe’s excellent mini-tutorials (for those unaware of them!):

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  • D.D.

I’ll ask John if that’s something he might consider doing, but it might not be something he has time for! Anthony is currently working on a new series of more in-depth videos about the new Dorico 2 features, to be followed by some more in-depth videos of some existing features (including percussion, note input/editing, meter, and tonality systems), which will keep him pretty busy for the better part of the summer, I imagine.

(just keep the indexes coming in the new videos regardless of what you end up doing with the old, which are incredibly useful!)
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  • D.D.

If you’ve a Google account, users can add these ‘Timestamp Hyperlinks’ themselves in the comments section below videos already posted. You don’t need to do the whole video at once of course; sign in to start a new post and do a first few entries, take a break, come back in a day or so, add another few (by editing your own post), etc…

Once complete, SB folk (or whoever administrates the Dorico YouTube Channel account) could then promote your post to be ‘pinned’ to the top of the comments pile, for everyone to see first.

Here’s a nice quick video showing how easy it is to make these ‘index’ Timestamp Hyperlinks :slight_smile: