A swing feel specified


Welcome to the forum, chuotbay1. Dorico doesn’t swing in compound meter, since compound meter swings all on its own. How do you want the 8ths to swing in 6/8? Do you want long-short-long in the first dotted quarter beat,and then short-long-shot in the second dotted quarter beat? I wouldn’t claim to be an expert on swing performance practice, but that’s a little unusual, isn’t it?

I could only imagine that the 6/8 meter is divided in 3×2 eighths (quavers). But then again, you could also use a 3/4 meter.

We’d need to have more context in order to determine what’s the proper approach to this. Can you show a (trimmed down) example of what is desired?

You can swing in any meter.
Look into swinging 16ths, it’s used in everything from jazz and funk to hip-hop and rock.

This is a thread from 18 months ago. Swing 16ths is already stated to be on the roadmap for a future version.

Edit: Whoops, one of these days I’m going to learn to confirm I’m looking at the most updated online manual…

You can already swing 16ths

I’m aware of this. I am commenting on Daniel’s claim about swinging in 6/8.

Somewhat related, but it is of course possible to swing quarters as well, so it would be nice if Dorico could have that option too. Usually this is encountered in uptempo tunes. Here’s an example where Sean Jones is swinging quarters in the first two A sections of Cherokee (not my transcription in the YouTube clip, I probably would have notated that):