A tempo quirk

I have a Tempo I reinstated (q=112) then a rit. and then an a tempo, which I believe should declare that the expected tempo is q=112, instead Dorico thinks it is the tempo before Tempo I, which is a Presto.
To simplify I have the following tempi:

  • Allegretto
  • Presto
  • Tempo I → rit. → a tempo (which Dorico associates to Presto and not to Tempo I) .

In addition I couldn’t “fiddle” with proficiency in the time line in Play mode to correct it.

You have two ways to approach this, given Dorico’s current functionality in this area. Either replace your “Tempo I” mark with an explicit marking that has the same tempo as the opening “Allegretto” and then override its display, or replace the “a tempo” marking with an explicit tempo back to the “Allegretto” tempo and override its display.

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