A thought- Search the forum before posting maybe?

It’s been a while since anyone has said this, partly because members who yelled it every time they replied to a post don’t log in as frequently as before, :open_mouth: and partly because the rest of the folks here are being nice, or are afraid :stuck_out_tongue:

There’s a really good chance that certain questions are asked repeatedly, basic stuff, like copying presets, key commands, or other basic tutorial questions.

It’s worth typing a few words into the search box and browsing the results, for instance “import key commands” is one that gets answered frequently, you might call it a Frequently Answered Question :wink:

(It’s too bad, however, that google indexing has been disabled for the board. That permitted deep detailed searches of the forums.)

Good reminder.

This forum is an incredible source of information. I’ve learned so much from answers to questions that I didn’t ask. :mrgreen:

But seriously, everyone’s time is valuable. And user’s, my self included need to make effort to dig for information already posted.

Thanks to all who have shared their knowledge to help Cubase users.