A token for Transposed/Concert pitch?

Is there one? If not can we have one?
P. S. Also I am still hoping that one day we get a token for players in flow. D.S.

From my understanding, this can’t be a token, because transposed/concert is basically just a menu setting and not an intrinsic characteristic of the flow/layout.

I usually put one score layout into concert and one into transposed, so I can put fixed text onto the page (or in the layout name) to indicate which is which.

Adding a token for this is feasible, and it’s on our list for future implementation.

Thanks for the answers
PS and it seems I will never get an answer for my players-in-flow-token question. I’m not irritated by this, just puzzled <:-) DS

That’s something that will probably be added in due time. I suppose this could be quite useful when building up some nice table of contents or similar…