A total overhaul of the Studio Panel

How many people have a great experience with the tool found at:
Studio > More Options > Studio Panel?
I just found it remembering it’s existence for some reason when I have turned on, off, on, off, on, off, on, off, on, off the Studio > Audio Hardware > Loop back a few times to many to not being all grumpy about it.
I CAN … find the Loop back panel there BUT … it’s no easier than using the menu almost.
Time for a total overhaul of the Studio Panell?

It’s 2020 so I’d like to populate my own panel and I like it to look inspired by a similar tool found in Cubase VST32 with probably a similar name?

The old one had small square buttons that you could kind of assign yourself, but I’d like this to be totally under user control.
toggle switches with colors for the two states
trigger buttons also with colors since there will be a certain pattern of your own design on the panel and you just know where to hit your buttons so add colors to them.
all buttons able to be assigned to a group and moved as a unit.
indicators with text showing for example if tape machine style monitoring is on or off or if it’s manual mode.
If I want to waste precious panel real estate it’s up to me as a user so I’d be happy with a little text next to an indicator.
resizable panel
3 different panels, same code at no extra code price, while we’re at it!
right click to delete and other simple functions for all buttons
control click in any menu and all commands that are available are marked in some way.
some commands like Score Editor commands in the project window would not be available of course so they’re not marked.

Youknowaddamean, I don’t have to type any more? :smiley:

Steinberg did a great job at over engineering the metronome a few years ago so why not try to go totally over board with this one? :mrgreen: :sunglasses: