A Tribute tune

The recent passing of probably my favourite guitar player, Jeff beck, inspired me to put together my humble ‘Tribute’ to J.B.



A cool composition. I’m not one of the folks around here who’s first response is to criticize. I just enjoy things for what they are. This was very enjoyable. Jeff Beck is a candidate for my all-time favorite guitarist, as well! Thanks for sharing, @Mauri .

Thanks for you kind words, ‘Slim’, I’m glad you enjoyed it, isn’t that the main goal in making music?

Trying to do something original is chancy at the best of times and solicits all sorts of responses (or not so many).
This tune is possibly a good example of losing one’s objectivity when it comes to the mix. I kept coming back to it and each time I thought “crap, did I really think that sounded ok late last night”. LOL.
So eventually I decided that’ll have to do and posted it. I will re-do this one soon, hopefully that’ll be it.

I can’t even begin to imagine how many times I’ve been there! :laughing:

Hey Mauri, what a nice way to remember Jeff Beck. You can hear that you learned a few tricks from him. One of my all time favorites as well, and it was shocking considering he was just touring recently, and playing as well as he’d ever had. Thanks for sharing this.

This is a nice composition and performance, and I really heard the Beck thing clearly at about 2:58. He was a big favorite of mine too-particularly from Rough and Ready through his Jan Hammer Group live album. Nice tribute to a master who definitely influenced loads of people.

Leon and John, thank you for taking the time to listen and comment.
I’ve been a big fan of J.B. since he was with The Yardbirds and I watched him grow musically all these years, he left most of his peers way behind.
When he was doing his ‘Rock ‘n’ Roll Party’ (tribute to Les Paul) album he did an interview where he was talking about the equipment he wanted to use to make the album as authentic as possible.
He was looking to use what Les used, amp(s), speakers, strings, guitars, even the same picks! That’s amazing attention to detail but you can hear that in all his music, a true master of his craft.
He also had an endearing personality and an obvious sense of humour which goes a long way.

Thanks again guys.

R.I.P. J.B.

Thank you for this. Jeff Beck has been one of my all-time favs for a long time. Really sad to hear about his passing.

Thanks, Dave(?), I appreciate you taking the time.

Yes it is sad, and it may not help but we all have a limited time here, like visitors, and then it’s time to go home.